Top 10 places to meet a sugar daddy in Perth

Top 10 places to meet a sugar daddy in Perth

Perth is home to the wealthiest sugar daddies in Australia.

If you are one of those women who are attracted by powerful and rich men, there are some seriously rich sugar daddies in Sydney, and if you’re looking for a sugar daddy in Melbourne

Are you a Perth girl and looking to meet a local sugar daddy? or maybe visiting Perth and would like to meet rich business man to spoil you, then we will show you where to meet them. To meet a sugar daddy in Perth, you need to make sure you are seen in the places they like to hangout. There are bars, nightspots and wineries down south and in the Swan area that will draw the richest and professional sugar daddies.

1. Perth Sugar daddy site


Perth Sugar Daddy is one of the hottest online dating sites, which can never go wrong. This online dating site is loaded with rich and intelligent Australian Sugar daddies

2. Margaret River


Good food, great wine and breathtaking beaches are bringing more and more international travellers to Margaret River and Perth on Australia’s west coast, including Signature’s C. James Dale. Yes, this part of the world is like a magnet to your sugar daddy.

3. Luxury spa resort


Visit a luxury resort, which offers relaxing treatments and massages and you may come across someone rich and also available. Luxury spa resorts are better places where successful executive relax on day off from hard work. You could come across a rich man, as he is more likely to be relaxed and open to meeting someone interesting like you.  You’ll find Isika Spa at the Crown Perth, a beautiful place to spend a relaxing time and to meet a sugar daddy in Perth.

4. Charity Dos


This is another popular venue where the rich and successful people meet. Where they support one of their favourite causes and also be seen if one is to make a mark on the social scene. Dress your best, as it is likely that you will meet a sugar daddy in Perth that you have been looking for.

5. Box Deli


Possible hangouts to meet your sugar daddy range from fine-dining restaurants to nightclubs where loud music and thumping beats are the main attraction.

Box Deli, which is a stylish lounge, bar and even a restaurant is where you’d spot a few rich sugar daddies.

6. Must Winebar


Must Winebar, located in Mt. Lawley, which is only 7minutes for the CBD, it is dedicated to serving the richest foods and finest wines from the vineyards of France, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Austria and South Africa. 

7. Universal Bar and Grill


Universal Bar and Grill, is another popular hangout where jazz lovers and the beautiful people of the city come together. You’re sure to find and date rich men here

8. Hangout in the CBD


Most of the jobs in these services are concentrated around the Perth metropolitan area so by all means make friends with the guy in a pin-striped suit and who knows you may be setting up yourself for a luxurious personal life.

Many of these are going to be rich single men who live in Perth

9. The Aviary


It’s the largest rooftop bar in Perth with stunning views to the city. It draws a crowd that has a passion for food, drink and the sun.  It’s a great place during summer to be seen by your sugar daddy.

10. Wealthy shopping area


The most expensive areas include Peppermint Grove, Claremont, Cottesloe, Subiaco, Applecross, Fremantle and the CBD.

Staying among the rich is one of the best ways to meet them. However even if you cannot afford a pad in these tony neighbourhoods, try to visit its cafes, boutiques and parks.