Top 10 places to pick up hot sugar babes in Perth

Top 10 places to pick up a sugar baby in Perth

Perth his home to many beautiful sugar babes, many of which are looking to meet a sugar daddy in Perth.

If you’re traveling around Australia and are looking for sugar babies that want a sugar daddy in Sydney, or sugar daddy in Melbourne, then check out out other sites. We have all the tips of where they hangout and how to meet them.

The usual sugar baby hangouts in Perth  range from fine-dining restaurants, nightclubs, and music festivals where loud music and thumping beats are the main attraction.

There are many places to pick to sugar babes in Perth, and here are 10 top places worth a visit:

Lost Society

box-deli-perth-sugar-daddyLost Society is one of the top bars in Perth where sugar babes & sugar daddies meet. It is a stylish lounge, bar and even a restaurant is where you’d spot and pick hot sugar babes enjoying the night with friends.

 Must Winebar

must-winebarMust Winebar, located in Mt. Lawley, which is only 7minutes for the CBD, it is dedicated to serving the richest foods and finest wines from the vineyards of France, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Austria and South Africa. A great place to pick hot sugar babes in Perth.

 Universal Bar and Grill

universal-bar-and-grillUniversal Bar and Grill, is another popular hangout where jazz lovers and the beautiful people of the city come together. Great atmosphere and possible destination for hot sugar babes.

Brookfield place, Perth CBD


Most of the jobs in these services are concentrated around the Perth metropolitan area so by all means make friends with the guy in a pin-striped suit and who knows you may be setting up yourself for a luxurious personal life.

Hanging out whether it’s to meet friends for shopping or coffee is a favourite pastime for hot sugar babes.

The Aviary

the-aviaryIt’s the largest rooftop bar in Perth with stunning views to the city. It draws a crowd that has a passion for food, drink and the sun.  It’s a great place during summer, the sun , the drinks and the crowd among them you are sure to see hot sugar babes.

King Street


Staying among the rich is one of the best ways to meet them. Hanging out around King street shopping district in Perth CBD, you are likely to see groups of girls shopping. Shopping is any girls and sugar babes pass time.

Other expensive areas include Peppermint Grove, Claremont, Cottesloe, Subiaco, Applecross, Fremantle and the CBD.

1907 Bar 


1907 bar has a select range of the world’s best cocktails, beers, spirits and wines, with an emphasis on quality rather than popularity or price. It’s a popular venue among hot sugar babes who have a flare for the fine things in life.



Helvetica blends superb mixology, teasing visuals and a cachet of tasteful ambience that Perth denizens have been in search of for years. With all its traction it is one of the best places to pick hot sugar babes.

Gold Bar

gold-bar-perth-sugar-daddyGOLD Bar’s exquisite range of Cocktails is the perfect pleasure temptation for the guests that stroll into this fashion orientated sensation. Fashion and drinks hard to resist for any hot sugar babe in Perth.

Luxe Bar


This great bar is a real haven for new world and classic cocktails, sumptuous tunes and the slickest service. It gets one of thee trendiest and classy crowds in Perth and as such hot sugar babes love this place.

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